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Things we did in 2019 that our clients loved

  1. Enhanced the look and made it easier for clients to navigate and use the Track & Trace platform. This critical tool offers customers 24/7 access to shipment status and the ability to track their cargo, container locations and Bill of Lading details


Supply Chain Planning

  1. Choose the Right Partners: 

  2. Make a Contingency Strategy: 

  3. Anticipate the Inevitable Surge:

AdobeStock_214061095 small.jpg

5 groundbreaking events in logistics in 2019

  1. The World’s First 23,000 TEU Powered by LNG

  2. First Blockchain-Managed Container Delivered

  3. US Imports from China Decrease for the First Time this Decade

  4. The U.S. sells rice to China for the first time

  5. First Drone Carries a Human Organ


5 Tech Trends to watch

  1. Automated Delivery

  2. Drones

  3. IOT

  4. Blockchain

  5. Transparency

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