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OEC Portal Designed to Save Customers Money

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

OEC Group’s e-service portal has been expanded to offer more capabilities that are designed to empower customers with greater self-sufficiency and control over their shipments. The new enhancements better enable customers to track orders, manage Bills of Lading, monitor insurance claims, and submit payments.

Some of the more exciting improvements are focused around the customer’s ability to track their products throughout the supply chain. Additionally, new tracking enhancements focus on equipment return, giving customers greater insight into late fees they may be charged if equipment is returned later than originally agreed upon.

“Our e-portal provides customers with every piece of information regarding their transaction on a single platform,” said Shawn Kim, Regional Project Manager and head of OEC Group’s digital platform. “Our digital systems are constantly evolving to address the ever-changing market conditions. With the market as tight and volatile as it is right now, being on the cutting edge is saving our clients money across every order.”

The portal also provides a dedicated section for document consolidation and storage, which allows all parties, including Shipper, Consignee and OEC offices to share applicable documentation in one place. Future enhancements are intended to include access to Bills of Lading, payment information, and insurance documentation for ease and convenience. Customers also have the capability of using the portal to contact their customer service representatives and salespeople via messenger directly on specific bookings or shipments. Finally, the portal’s technology integrates seamlessly with industry platforms FMS and Prolink, allowing for a cohesive and complete view of the lifecycle of shipments.

“As ocean carriers continue to focus on profit and revenue, we believe our continuously evolving portal will give clients the ability to monitor they spending with greater efficiency and speed,” said Anthony Fullbrook, President of OEC Group’s Northeast Region. “Technology continues to play an important role in overcoming post-pandemic supply chain challenges.”
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