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Interview with an Expert

Kenson Xu of the OEC technology team discusses the strengths, capabilities, and current and upcoming features of the OEC Portal.

What are some key capabilities of the OEC Portal?

Visibility, transparency, and efficient communication are core strengths of the Portal program. With our Portal, in-house customer service agents, customers, and representatives from the carrier side have access to all updated and consolidated order details any time they need. Our Portal also features a built-in instant messaging component for immediate hands-on collaboration, giving all parties the capability to work together in real time without having to wait for incremental updates.

What are some of the upcoming features customers will soon be able to use?

In our current stage of development, we are putting the final touches on air booking functionality, shipment track-and-trace, and internal data reporting. The team is also completing a personalized follow-up function, called “How’s Your Shipment?”. Once these capabilities are polished, we will further expand our services. Since our portal is an evolving product, we will continue to build a powerful all-in-one platform and add more exciting features for all our customers’ daily supply chain needs.

How can this platform improve the bottom line for OEC Customers?

Our portal has demonstrated the ability to significantly cut communication time. During this uniquely volatile period in our naturally fast-paced industry, the phrase “time is money” really rings true. Our consolidated platform cuts down communication costs and keeps everyone on the same page.

What can customers expect from a customer service standpoint?

Customers can expect top-of-the-line service from our team of customer service representatives. Well before we planned on introducing OEC Portal to our client base, we began training customer service experts on the specifics of the program. Each client will be able to collaborate with their dedicated representative and work through any questions that may arise. Clients can also expect daily shipment updates and consistent overall communication from the customer service side.

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