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Interview with an Expert

Clint Sandridge, OEC Group’s head of Technical Services (OTS), is currently focusing on bulk liquid transport as well as loss adjustment and clean-up. He gives his insight on how OEC Group can help customers plan for an unexpected incident.

Why do unexpected incidents occur?

The combination of peak season demand, low ocean carrier reliability, issues with low-quality equipment, and a continued upward trend of containers damaged in transshipment has helped create an environment in which more unexpected incidents occur.

What are some of the helpful services that OEC Group offers clients?

We provide incident management assistance by guiding clients through the safest first steps and immediately dispatching technicians if an incident ever occurs. Every one of our professionals is highly trained and has years of experience providing technical assistance loading and unloading liquid and dry products, configuring equipment properly, and working in emergency situations. We are more than capable of handling dry freight, but OTS was built around bulk liquid shipping and our LLS division, so we specialize in that area. We are well-equipped to deal with any leakage, bulging containers, spills, and clean-up after the fact.

What makes this service so unique?

Every team we send out to assist our customers is specially trained and practically accomplished in the field. If you have any technical issues, our collection of experts will respond with effective solutions. This service adds value to your supply chain because OEC is dedicated to safeguarding every client’s shipment throughout the entire process. This service will give clients peace of mind that their cargo is safe from any known problem that could occur. With shipping costs continuing to be at historic highs, peace of mind and professional coverage provided by OTS could be the most important investment a client can make right now.

Do you have to be a current client to get OEC Group to help you plan for potential incidents?

No. We offer a consulting services for non-clients. Specifically, we provide third party surveying services for dual suppliers, shipment auditing services, and training for workers on the ground. We are also always available to answer any questions—anytime, anyplace, and anywhere.

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