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Priority Ship Program Provides Clients Peace of Mind During Peak Season

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Due to the backlog of shipments from COVID-19 shutdowns, extreme terminal congestion and chassis shortages at US West Coast ports are causing many customers to experience severe delays receiving their containers and subsequent transportation of their goods to other parts of the country.

“The issue is no longer about producing goods, but instead it is about getting these goods on store shelves to meet the heavy consumer demand,” said Steve Myers, vice president of operations for OEC Group’s Northeast region.

To help solve the problem, OEC Group has been using its significant buying power and decades-long relationships with carriers to offer our clients a reliable solution – the Priority Program.

The new program allows clients to secure space at an affordable rate while guaranteeing priority stowage, chassis availability and no roll assurances. Additionally, priority stowage guarantees our client’s containers are the first to be unloaded once vessels are docked, and it includes assurance that a chassis will be readily available to transport containers as soon as they are released.

“Our priority program allows clients to rest easier because their cargo will arrive on time and their products will be on store shelves and ultimately where they need to be – in people’s homes,” said Frank Costa, Vice President of New York Sales here at OEC Group.
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