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OEC Group’s New York City Branch: Recalling the Past and Predicting the Future

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of OEC Group’s New York City branch. During that time, the company has seen and experienced many changes within the logistics industry, which has more than adequately prepared them to handle the current evolving and changing logistics landscape.

While the current market and upcoming year offer their own sets of challenges, OEC’s history during the past 25-years has always been to take advantage of the market’s challenges and push the envelope to develop solutions that benefit the client. OEC’s Northeast Regional President, Anthony Fullbrook, who founded the New York City branch, offers this perspective:

OEC was in China before it became the manufacturing powerhouse it is today. Steve Myers, VP of Operations and one of the founding members of OEC’s New York City branch was there when it first started:

The way business is done in logistics is still fundamentally the same today as it was 25-years ago – relationship-based. However, the recent pandemic has led to the industry becoming more reliant on technology as Anthony explains:

While technology will continue to help the industry adapt to the E-commerce boom and manage client expectations, OEC’s role in the industry continues to expand and Anthony believes the overall sector is about to become more critical than ever:

As the industry continues to evolve, Peter Hsieh, VP of Sales, who was also an original member of OEC’s New York Branch, knows that OEC will continue to be an industry constant:

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