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5 groundbreaking events in logistics in 2019

  • The World’s First 23,000 TEU Powered by LNG

The CMA CGM Jacques Saadé launched in Shanghai on September 25 of this year, marking the industry trend towards improving supply chain sustainability. As IMO 2020 ushers in new regulations, we expect to see an increase in the use of eco-friendly fuel for maritime transports.

  • First Blockchain-Managed Container Delivered

Last summer, the first paperless, seamlessly tracked container was shipped from South Korea to the Netherlands using blockchain platform, DELIVER. The shipment was multi-modal, yet tracking was not disrupted at any point from door to door, demonstrating future potential for track and trace technology.

  • US Imports from China Decrease for the First Time this Decade

This year, carriers added six services to Southeast Asia to accommodate production moving from China into this region. This shift is largely attributed to the ongoing Trade War between the US and China, making it more expensive for US companies to import from China than before.

  • The U.S. sells rice to China for the first time

China is the world’s largest rice grower and consumer, but in July of 2019, a private importer from China purchased roughly 40 metric tons of rice from Sun Valley Rice based in California, for the very first time, demonstrating the uniqueness of this year.

  • First Drone Carries a Human Organ

For the first time ever, in 2019, a specially built drone delivered a donated kidney that was later used in successful transplant surgery at the University of Maryland Medical Center. This is a great advancement in the technology of today, making strides in the transportation industry.

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