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Customers to Get More Power Over Their Shipments

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

OEC Group is releasing their latest e-service Portal, a one-stop program that customers can use for booking, billing, document management and shipment track-and-trace. The updated portal is expected to be fully released for client use in fall 2020.

The easy-to-use platform’s new capabilities will empower customers with greater self-sufficiency and control over tracking their shipments. One important new feature is a chat application connecting them to any OEC representatives associated with their shipment. Clients with any concerns can use the feature to quickly get in touch with a company team member, who will work quickly to solve the problem.

“We designed our new Portal to give customers the power to manage their shipments with a few clicks,” said Shawn Kim, Regional Project Manager here at OEC. “Customers will soon discover the benefits of the platform’s increased efficiency.”

Customers will also notice upgrades to the email and push notifications, visualized track-and-trace function and the document repository database. OEC is also committing to future enhancements that incorporate relevant technological advances that help enrich the customer experience.

“Our new Portal represents just one aspect of OEC Group’s commitment to Digital Transformation,” OEC Group U.S. East Region President Anthony Fullbrook said. “Simply put, customers will have complete control of and visibility into the shipment process — with OEC professionals ready to quickly provide assistance as needed.”
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